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2 Days 1 Night | Ma Song, Han Geng, Bright Pu, Cica Zhou, Ahn Jae-hyeon | cr: 四川卫视

kibum in japanese mvs for taha 

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yansanniang replied to your photoset “Nic Tse and Faye Wong; He’s 34. She’s 45. They dated on and off…”

I don’t know what to say, wang fei’s daughter is my age, I’d feel weird if my mom was dating again.

it’s not too bad imo…who wants to be alone? children can’t stop their parents from dating after all. haha. but i am worried for all the kids. their parents are basically setting an example by dating (marrying) whoever they like, and if they don’t want to then it ends. but anyways he could be her dad. if he became a teen father at age 17 haha

Nic Tse and Faye Wong;

  • He’s 34. She’s 45.
  • They dated on and off since he was 20 and she was 31, until 2003.
  • And since then, went on to marry, have kids and divorce other people.
  • And now they’re back together again.
  • And he’s no longer crashing sports cars and is loaded with money , not a 小白脸 anymore and has an impressive resume as an actor. 

wow omggg

nicky wu: weibo: 9/21/2014

140921, 11:22am: keep walking

RT:@北京稻草熊影视: congratulations to johnnie walker’s new (home’s) grand opening. 



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140804 shanghai airport

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tfboys 偶像手记 ep 1- wjk and his suitcase

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then and now; hoodies