i’ve never seen 老吴 being bashed this much since…ever lol, but being bashed for being in a relationship, for being happy, for being older, its way too disgusting. you can piss your pants for all any cares because they have money, they are famous and they make each other happy.

who doesn’t want their idols to meet the 高富帅/白富美 and live happily ever after? thats what happens in a perfect world with no age differences, no past relationships etc.

so keep sitting behind that computer, keep making nasty comments, but they’re still going to be in your faces no matter what. know that while you are bitching at two happy people, content with their lives, they’re still going to be better off than being forever alone,and bitter like you. 还好我家两宝涵养素质都比你们好。。。

140729 Longshi fan account: Too many people are adding me, so I’ll answer it all here. It was around 8pm at the Japan Shopping Mall, not at the subway station. They were 1m away from my friend and they yelled WQL, and both looked up. They weren’t wearing masks or shades. They didn’t hold hands. But (the friend) could see that WQL was protective of LSS. LSS is really skinny in real life. We didn’t chase them to leave them some space ha. But still they were discovered, it was clear it was WQL because he looked right over several times. I’m in Japan, group ordering. If you need to bother me, do so haha.

fan: can you say how Si Ye protected Shi Shi?

OP: It was probably awkward because we discovered them. SS didn’t look back..WQL kept looking back haha and then brought her into a store

140729 Longshi spotted in Tokyo

when you get an autograph from your oppar…

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baekhyun and the moving camera

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what if death is just level 2

I never played a level one that was this fucking hard

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lee jieun + faceless

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their favorite hobby

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Luhan helping Tao during rehearsals ~

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Me: *Gets Ice Cream*
Me: *Goes To Room
Me: *Forgets spoon in kitchen*
Me: *Cries*

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