japanese soft shell crab burger: rules are meant to be broken

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Liu Yifei  as Princess Zhao Lian in the upcoming film OUTCAST <绝命逃亡> 9.26.2014 China release

How can she look this perfect even without photoshop? It’s like she hasn’t aged.

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还真没见过比黑还黑的粉…lol, who are you to say anything when her parents are clearly fine with him? if she’s your idol and you love her, you should know that she’s level headed and know’s what she wants. and maybe, just maybe they’re actually in love with each other? like god forbid your idol falling in love with the right person,even if its not who You want it to be!! they’re gonna get married eventually anyways, its only a matter of time…她的幸福只有他能给. so chill and leave if you wanna. don’t let the door hit you on the way out :)

sarahockey mentioned you in a photo “linggluu lets get some food like thissss yummm”

linggluu lets get some food

YES. i haven’t seen your face in months ;; LETS GO HAVE KOREAN BBQ!

Anonymous asked: post/96046155448/this-bao-liao-if-it-is-true-is-making-me-so OMG!!! what do you mean?

lol, just “insider info” claiming that longshi might announce they’re getting married in the beginning of september. which is kind of questionable since both have work commitments, and besides, how would the insider know whether or not longshi will announce it on weibo? (there was rumours about this months ago from longshi fans so this guy’s probably doing it for the reposts/comments. or 大漠谣 is finally gonna air haha) 

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Tokyo station


出前一丁 (nissin instant noodles) with spam and gai lan. 




cr 热可可0v0

precious moment

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