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140821; Come and look at my Miao Pai video : I accept @wangfeng and sina’s ice bucket challenge, to experience the feelings of als, to help out. I challenge su you peng, chen zhi peng, and cao guo wei. Through this activity I hope more people pay attention to those with ALS and donate money.

140821 lao das ice bucket challenge

fengyy - in yunnan at a restaurant^^

140821 wql represents his company (Beijing Straw Bear) and signs for the copy rights for several films.

lao da’s driver, 赵大哥: the ice water was especially cold, after it was done pouring, he couldn’t say anything at first but after awhile, he said “It’s really cold. I can’t breathe.’ Really can feel sympathy with those affected with als. .//. so proud ,好心疼;;

lao da doing the als ice bucket challenge ;;

He who stole his wife’s hat

140820 Did shi shi finally steal all your clothes hehehe

Title: 追风少年 (The Youth Who Chases the Wind) Artist: 吴奇隆 (Nicky Wu) 138 plays
肩 上 扛 着 风 脚 下 踩 着 土
心 中 一 句 话 不 认 输
我 用 火 热 一 颗 心 写 青 春
不 管 这 世 界 有 多 冷
就 让 嚎 雨 打 在 我 背 上
就 算 寂 寞 比 夜 还 要 长
谁 能 了 解 我 谁 会 在 乎 我
少 年 的 梦
追 逐 天 边 最 冷 的 北 风
寻 找 世 界 最 高 的 山 峰
我 把 孤 独 当 作 朋 友
天 地 任 我 遨 游 不 为 谁 停 留
虽 然 很 多 事 情 我 不 懂
虽 然 留 下 的 伤 会 很 痛
我 把 泪 水 藏 在 眼 中
一 步 一 步 往 前 走
我 要 作 追 风 的 英 雄

Anonymous asked: Where did you get all of your Lao Da merchandise?

the xxdd website (when he was still affiliated on the website), tourist club and taobao.

Anonymous asked: I know 576 refers to Nicky, but why?

because his name in Chinese is 吴奇隆 (wu qi long) and 576 in Chinese is wu, qi , liu respectively. They sound alike ^^ 

nicky wu: weibo: 8/18/2014

8/18/2014, 11:39am: #snow night WQL#  #snow night WQL#

#nicky wu  #weibo  

140818, Longshi near Da Li, Yunnan. lmao, he’s wearing shi shi’s hat/scarf