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140820. arms, arms, arms :) arms that are carrying shi shi’s bag❤

News reports on longshi’s travels. And arm porn :p

nicky wu: weibo: 8/29/2014

8/29/2014, 8:44pm: #Really Strange that I love you# Jia You, Xiao Jie!

*help promoting Zhang Jie’s new song*

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one of the headers on pptv hahahha

还真没见过比黑还黑的粉…lol, who are you to say anything when her parents are clearly fine with him? if she’s your idol and you love her, you should know that she’s level headed and know’s what she wants. and maybe, just maybe they’re actually in love with each other? like god forbid your idol falling in love with the right person,even if its not who You want it to be!! they’re gonna get married eventually anyways, its only a matter of time…她的幸福只有他能给. so chill and leave if you wanna. don’t let the door hit you on the way out :)

this bao liao (if it is true) is making me so anxious omfg. we shall see in a few days~

Anonymous asked: Ling, how come I have an impression that he's going to be a pirate or sort of bandit in his new film?

Could be, the bandana helps hehe. He was already a bandit (kind of) in 向着炮火前进 so maybe he really could be a pirate or something…

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140826 in Nanning, Guangxi

140821 Lao da’s als ice bucket challenge ;;

140821; Come and look at my Miao Pai video : I accept @wangfeng and sina’s ice bucket challenge, to experience the feelings of als, to help out. I challenge su you peng, chen zhi peng, and cao guo wei. Through this activity I hope more people pay attention to those with ALS and donate money.

140821 lao das ice bucket challenge

fengyy - in yunnan at a restaurant^^