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fan account, 140722; I was just casually posting but I didn’t know it would attract so many kids, I’ll explain what happened. WQL was driving LSS in his Aston Martin to the bank nearby where I withdraw money. And then got out and took out LSS’s luggage from the trunk. And then he drove away, then LSS took her luggage and walked away too. I personally don’t have interest in celebrities so….[x]

edit*: he was dropping her off to meet people from her company, get ready to go to Shanghai.

140720, waiting for luggage

140720 longshi

Anonymous asked: 对吴奇隆被爆赌博有啥看法呢?

无聊。那几天吴老板到香港出席活动,澳门离香港那么近去谈生意也很正常。照片里的都是某公司的老板。况且合伙人黄柏高跟赌场是有关系的,招呼人有啥不对?澳门是啥地方? 普通人去也会赌几把,人家玩了几百块就走了,这算赌博么? 去澳门不赌才怪。

140720 Longshi, Shanghai -> Beijing.

lmao, did anyone else notice he has different color shoelaces haha

nicky wu: weibo: 7/21/2014

7/21/2014, 1:39am: Next time, we’ll have more time to talk.

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140720 longshi @ the airport

140720 longshi. proof that she likes to hook arms and he likes to hold hands ;;

nicky wu: weibo: 7/20/2014

7/20/2014, 9:30am: Good bye, Mo Du! The kids that saw (me) off at the airport, you’ve worked hard!

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140720 Longshi returning to Beijing from Shanghai (SS had little/no work so she went with him specifically to Shanghai for his event yesterday)

nicky wu: weibo: 7/19/2014

7/19/2014, 11:36am: See you this afternoon

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140719 皇冠梦工厂—皇冠+TC新品发布会

140719 皇冠梦工厂—皇冠+TC新品发布会