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For sale; Henry Lau photobook, Henry baidu bar first photobook; Can’t get you off my mind. *pictures from 2007/2008-2012

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that time donghae took a fan’s phone and called her mommy in the middle of the show (x)

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7 years later,that kid who awesomely played a violin during Don’t Don is still playing fantastically.what changed?he’s more passionate and have improved a lot.from the crowd who stayed quiet during his part in Don’t Don to a Fantastic stage where loud cheers and ecstatic fans,watched him .he has come a long way and i’ve never been so proud to watch him grow and do this.this the person who got hurt with nonacceptance 7 years ago and he is the same person standing strong and performing majestically until now.he’s still playing the violin while doing a moonwalk,he still does it effortlessly and it’s all because he never gave up.this person is an inspiration.(thank you ELF for falling for his charms)

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@donghae861015: 2014/07/21 Am4:32 with SH


Freshman year:


Senior year:


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How to shake your booty - by lee sungmin.

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when your oppa failed to amuse the girl with his duck toy

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honeymoon night

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140625 HeeChul Facebook


this can’t be real

heechul can’t be a real person

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@donghae861015 I just woke up now !! See ya !! ELF :)

@donghae861015: see you next time Taiwan ELF !!:) i love you guys forever

cr: cccc


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